Easiest Yet The Best Way To Earn By Selling Products On Your Blog

Is your blog helping you to make money online by selling something? Blogging is the best way to sell products. Let me teach you how.

Before we get deeper into the post, let me warn you that this is not an in-depth guide, but for those who are getting started with blogging.

A lot of people either abandon their blogs halfway down the road or fails to make a single sale no matter how hard they try. If you’re one of them, don’t blame blogging already, it’s just because you’re not doing it right.

Trust me, I’ve had blogs that didn’t even drive a single sale, nor a dime through ads. And I did abandon them too.

But, I studied top blogs and websites that sold something or the other. People who were really bagging some big $$$. Be it any niche. I’ve examined over 15 blogs that surely made a lot of sales.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging Selling Stuff?

Yes, totally!

First of all, if you were someone who had a doubt whether you can squeeze money out of a blog or someone who thought it’s not possible, you wouldn’t be reading this post. So, just for the sake of helping you breathe,

In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from doing case studies and my own experiments. I can assure you that these are simple steps that you can easily execute if you have the patience.

Note: You might end up leaving your 9 to 5 job and start earning a 5 figure income in no time.

A little bit of exaggeration? Just kidding! But hey, you never know, right?

So, How Do I Really Sell Products On My Blog?

This method works well for almost every niche. Each 6 steps that I’ve mentioned below must be given equal priority. And they aren’t gonna produce any overnight results.

Work smart & work hard!

Let’s Make Your Stuff (Creating The Product)

Obviously, you’ll need something to sell. And you’ll need something really good.

By now, you’ll have an idea about your target audience. Time to do your homework! Find out what’s that one thing that they are really struggling with. Or, find out that one thing that they want the most. Both could be the same. Your job is to find out what that one thing they’ll run behind like zombies.

Go to online forums, read social media comments, ask them. Or you could just think. “What do they really need“?

Once you’ve decided your product idea, just make it. It could be an eBook, it could be a software or it could be a service that you can offer. Just make it!

But hey, don’t create some stuff just for the sake of having something to sell. Make sure you create something really good, something that could really help your target audience.

Alright Now, Let’s Create Content.

If you’re a regular reader of BloggingTips.com, you won’t be really having a tough time creating content and managing your blog.

Read Zac’s case study on How To Create A Successful Blog.

Brainstorm blog post ideas. Think of all those topics your target audience would like to read. Write articles that will drive them in. Also, optimize the content for search engines. I don’t think I should really dive much into explaining how to create content. Just surf around this website and you’ll learn how to.

Focus on the niche you’re blogging on and write on topics that’s related to it. You could visit similar blogs or run a keyword research to get more ideas.

Time To Do The The Promotion.

Now that your blog is ready, it’s time to promote it.

I think it’s better I list things out rather than writing long sentences. Who doesn’t hate long sentences, I know right?

  • Do guest blogging.
    Write for blogs that are similar to you. Write some good shit and make sure you link back to your website.
  • Promote on Social Media.
    Engage on similar communities, groups and content. Be helpful. Don’t just spam. Curate useful content from the web.
    Work on increasing your social media following and then promote your blog.

To get started, just focus on doing these two things.

Let’s Sell Your Product.

Now that you have your blog and your product ready, it’s time to make some money.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you one thing. You’re actually not going to sell your product by using your blog. Confused?

Think about all those ads that pops up while you surf the internet. Do they really make you buy things? Not really, right?

You’re not going to make them think that you’re selling something to them. Instead, you’re going to recommend or suggest a highly effective or useful product. Well, that’s your product by the way.

To do that, you need to:

Be Friends With Your Readers.

What are your favourite blogs or websites? And why do you love them so much?

Mostly because of the way they write their stuff. Or the way they present it to you. Be friendly! Write in a conversational way. Don’t just write, talk and explain. So next time when they think about the problem you were talking about, they will remember you and your blog.

Make the connection.

Do Them A Really Big Favour!

Now to make that bond stronger, you’re gonna have to help them out with something. Why?

Let me ask you one thing: Would you rather go see a doctor that I recommend to you or another doctor that your best friend recommends? Obviously, you wouldn’t trust me with that. And when you have your trust-worthy friend with you, you need not even care about my suggestion.

That’s basic psychology!

What you can do is, give away a free eBook or something. The best part about this is that you can get them to subscribe to your email list. And when you have your audience inside your list, things get easier for you.

Out of all the money I made online, more than 70% of them were converted through my newsletter. It works like magic!

Give away something that will really help them. Or, you could just write amazing content on your blog that’ll leave them wanting more.

And For The Final Kill (Selling Your Stuff)

Remember what I told you earlier? You’re not actually going to sell your product to them. I mean, you are, but you are going to help them.

Don’t tell your audience – “Hey, I made this awesome stuff so that I can sell it to you and make some money”.

Instead, you’re gonna say – “Hey, I think since you’re having trouble with _______, this will help you!”


“Get the _(your product)__ that will help you to get rid of __________”

Oh, I almost forgot! You like lists better than long content. So, here you go:

  • Create a landing page for your product.
  • Make sure your copy is compelling.
  • Then link to your product page from your blog posts.
  • Use CTAs under your blog posts, from your main site, have them on your menu bar.
  • Send an email to your list explaining how your product could help them, not an email that introduces it.
  • You could also promote your product on the social media.

But remember! You’re not going to sell it. You’re going to suggest the product to them.

Over to you.

If you’re really having a tough time making money with your blog, do try selling products through it. And following these simple tips will sure help you. Guess what? I will be back with my guest post on BloggingTips.com to teach you how to increase product sales conversions by using psychology of marketing. So, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. Good luck!