My Experience at Affiliate Summit East in NYC

I recently attended my 2nd Affiliate Summit Conference this past week and it was once again a very valuable experience. I attended the last one in Las Vegas and once I heard they were having one in New York I had to go, as it was much closer and didn’t require a flight. This time I was actually more excited as now not being a complete newbie I would now know who to talk to, what to do, and generally felt more of a sense of knowing my purpose. Special thanks to Zac Johnson and Blogging Tips for selecting me as one of the winners for their free ticket giveaway.

I arrived Sunday morning and checked into my hotel. A few minutes later I walked over to the conference and hit the floor hoping to meet the people I had built online relationships within the past few months. I walked around and ran into a few people I knew and chatted a little bit. It was great to meet everyone face to face for the first time and they were equally excited to work with me. By the time I left the conference around 4 o’clock I had personally met 2 of my reps, 2 of my mentors, and countless other affiliate networks that I hoped to do business with in the future.

One of my affiliate managers offered to meet me for drinks after the conference so we ended up meeting at a place in Greenwich Village. It was great talking to him and he seemed like a really cool guy. Before he was just a name on a Skype screen, but after a few drinks we were now friends and he seemed like someone I’d hang out with outside of work. I can’t stress enough the importance of meeting people you do business with in person as it makes your relationship feel more real and will make each of your businesses run much smoother in the future. After meeting up I had dinner with an affiliate buddy of mine and hit the hay.

The next morning I went down to the conference and hit the floor again. I went to the booth of my favorite traffic source and unfortunately my rep was unavailable to meet, but I was able to meet with a few of their reps who gave me pointers on how to increase my CTR and get cheaper clicks. After that I met with my friend Zac Johnson and a few other bloggers to discuss the blogging side of the industry. We ended up grabbing lunch with the crew over at A Small Orange at a restaurant downtown which featured bacon hanging from clothespins (obviously amazing).

After that I went back to the floor and walked around for a little. I ran out of people to meet so I was just about to go back to the bus station and head back to Jersey when all of a sudden I checked my Facebook. I soon realized that I had almost forgotten that the Ad Buyers Meetup was happening at an upscale rooftop bar in the Meatpacking District. I arrived and felt awkward as I hardly knew anyone, but within minutes (and a couple margaritas) I was mingling and meeting a ton of people. I ended up accidentally meeting a few people that I was good friends with through Skype and masterminds that I never met before.

Just as I was about to leave I was invited to a yacht party with catered dinner and an open bar. I had no choice but to attend. Another awesome event and met a ton of great people to network with while viewing the NYC skyline. After that, I was pooped and hit the first bus out of there.

I gotta say going to ASE was a great and rewarding experience. I met a ton of people that I wanted to meet in person and never got the chance to, got to meet new people that I will do business and network with in the future, and had a great time doing it. I definitely enjoyed the conference and got a ton of value from it. I look forward to the conference and will try to attend as many as I can in the future.