Periscope for Bloggers: The ‘Behind the Scenes’ Life

Periscope proposes bloggers an exclusive way to communicate with their followers as it unfastens the behind the scenes that affect a blogger’s life. A social app that brand marketers are using for promotions and better connect with their consumers, Periscope should be used by bloggers for the same purpose.

It helps in broadcasting tours; an inside peek into blogger’s life, cooking, brainstorming, and many more activities.  All these activities are available for not only 24 hours as well as it offers an “insider” opportunity to those who hustle in life.

For all questions, answers and discussions, Periscope is the best way. People come up with questions, and you have to respond to them. This includes commenting on the blog where you have to be proactive to respond, and this turns out to be more gratifying. It comes with an extra feature where you can add any useful or productive video to YouTube after saving it to your camera roll.


Here, you see the dashboard, where you can quickly view if anyone is online at the present moment with you. If you see nobody live, then there is a list of the last 24 hours’ broadcasts made by all of those who were online.

You will also be able to see the number of hours they were live and by tapping on the “play button,” you can view their broadcasts. However, you cannot comment, but you can add hearts by tapping on the screen.

You can view a map of the most loved broadcasts made by people around the globe by just tapping on the “globe Button”. This can be seen in either List or Map form.  You get to view LIVE broadcasts of the people who you are not even following.

This provides an excellent way to know new people and you also get to follow new people and new people may follow you in return.

How To Start Periscope Broadcast?

If you have a look on the menu bar, you can see a camera button with a red circle behind it. This is where you can get started with broadcasting your videos.

This turns on your location. Its an awesome tool which helps people who want to know you by locating you on the map but always try to use it carefully as your location is visible to all.

It also has a lock button, which enables you to choose your audience. You can invite whom you want to be a part of your audience.

It allows options like insider broadcast, readers who can sign up; you can invite them and ask them to follow all your broadcasts.

The people who are following you can chat with you. If any unknown user comes up on your way, you can simply double tap their comment and block them during the broadcast.

Once the Twitter button is turned on your periscope is broadcasted to Twitter with a link.

Always try to broadcast the things that compel people to watch. As it is, user engagement is quintessential for a blogger, whatever platform he may be live on.

Your title should be catchy enough to watch your videos. The image on your screen acts the thumbnail so keep that too in your mind.