Staying Happy and Productive While on the Job

A full-time job takes up a large portion of an individual’s lifetime and the routine may eventually take a toll on their mental health. The problem with this scenario is that facing issues related to mental health can directly affect a person’s work performance and productivity.

Either the quality of their work output can reduce drastically or they may fail to effectively meet deadlines with an adequate quantity of output. These work-related issues can contribute to their feelings of depression and it is the leading cause of the mood-related mental disorder.

Research conducted by WHO identified that around 300 million people suffer from depressive disorders, and consequently suffer from work disability as a result. Job satisfaction revolves around various aspects such as having friends at work and receiving positive feedback on successful projects. These all have a positive impact on an individual as they reduce stress levels and the potential risk of developing physical ailments like cardiovascular diseases.

Many employees face work ‘burnout’ as a result of having to do monotonous routine work, which can reduce their chances to show some creativity. Employees can explore new work tasks that are challenging and stimulate their mental capabilities.

Employees that feel like they have no control over their own work are also likely to experience burnout, which leads to lower levels of productivity. A solution to this problem is to talk to the supervisor about how you can control and manage the kind of assignments you have to complete.

Many workplaces are beginning to acknowledge that the mental health of their employees is vital for efficiency and productivity. This is the reason behind the introduction of workplace wellness programs which are aimed towards reducing stress through certain activities and expert advice.

Stress-reducing exercises are common among such programs while financial management lessons are given by experts to help employees handle their finances and debts without raising their stress levels. If you know about the importance of staying happy at work then take a quiz to test your knowledge.

You can learn more about the importance of staying happy at the workplace by visiting the HealthIQ website.